Invite your team

Invite your team

If you are working in a team and want to invite them to manage your blog, the Team feature will help you do that.

You can invite an infinite number of members, by assigning accesses and permissions to each one of them according to your requirement.

Head over to People ---> Team and click on Invite new member.

You need to fill in the user details of the member you want to invite. Enter their name and email Id and select the role that you want to assign to them.

There are three pre-determined roles - Writer, Editor, and admin, and a custom role that enables you to create a new role.

When you select a role from Writer, Editor, or admin, the permissions and accesses will be pre-filled. If you wish to change any of the permissions, change the role to Custom and you are good to go.

Once you have invited your team member, you will be able to see all the invitations that are yet to be accepted and the ones that have been accepted them.

You can view all the invitations that you have received from the admins of other blogs when you click on the profile dropdown. You can find all the invitation requests once you click on pending requests.

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