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Tricks to navigate through your blog

Tips and Tricks on the dashboard will help use your blog more efficiently and save time.
Here are the tips for you to run your blog:
Tip 1: Access Typestack Editor directly
Use to create a new blog post and publish it directly to your blog
Tip 2: Importing from google docs to TypeStack
Connect your Google account and import your content from google docs to publish on TypeStack
Tip 3: Write now and publish later
You can schedule the time and date when you want to publish your post
Tip 4: Help your readers find you with Your domain name
Connect a custom domain to your blog and help your readers identify your website easily.
Tip 5: Use plugins and get discovered
Integrate your blog with google search console, Facebook pixel, and google analytics to understand your readers in-depth
Tip 6: Enhance user experience with the table of contents
Create a table of contents for your blog by clicking on the enable button in the blog settings
Tip 7: Concentrate on writing without any distractions
Enable focus mode in the blog settings of the editor for a distraction-free writing experience
Tip 8: Control how your blog will appear on search engines
Write the meta title and meta description for your blog posts that will show on the search engine results page.
Tip 9: Work with your team seamlessly
Add team members to your profile and also assign them various roles and permissions.
Tip 10: Blog themes that highlight your content
Choose ours or build your own themes that suit your brand
Tip 11: Custom navigation bar
Guide your users with a menu bar
Tip 12: Share your blog with a customized message
Add a beautiful message with an image and title to share your blog post
Tip 13: Attract leads with subscribers form
Customize your subscriber form with background color, image, pattern, and much more