Use the command bar to navigate through TypeStack

What is a Command Palette?

The command palette provides a quick and convenient way for users to access various commands and functions within the product without having to navigate through menus.

Typically, the user invokes the command palette through a keyboard shortcut or a button on the toolbar, which opens up a searchable list of available commands.

It has become nearly customary for SAAS products to offer a universal search feature that can be accessed through a keyboard shortcut such as "command + K". This feature assists users in navigating through the product.

Benefits of Command Palette

The command palette can improve productivity and efficiency by enabling users to quickly access frequently used commands and functions, especially those that are buried deep in the menus. It can also help new users discover features that they may not have known existed.

1. The user experience by enabling faster navigation without the need to remember where features are located.

2. They also aid discoverability by allowing users to search for functionality they may not be aware of.

3. They help users find functionality even if the user interface changes and improve the overall appearance of the software by reducing clutter and overwhelming options.

How can you use Command Palette on TypeStack?

Clicking on Command + k or Cltr + k will open the command palette powered by the on your screen where you can search for any feature that you are looking for.

You can search, not only for features but also for a summary of any feature guide to help you out.

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