How TypeStack's editor works

Writing & formatting numerous kinds of content on TypeStack is super easy- all you have to do is click on click on Create in the top right corner where you can either choose to create a post or a page, and our editor will come to your rescue.

Don’t worry, it wouldn’t hover over you. We want our writers to have an open space to think and create great content.

In the editor, you can start by clicking on the '+' icon and selecting from various widgets based on your requirements.

These are the widgets that we provide:

1. Text - You are getting the options to bold, italic, links, marker, underline, and all the other good stuff. Attachment; while writing a piece, if you feel like a picture, video, or document by someone should be there for a reference, attach it!

2. Heading - You get to put a heading or a subheading (H1 & H6) to your write-up, as it makes the content more readable and attractive to readers.

3. Image - since images are proven to bring in more readership, you can take advantage of this feature; you can paste images with your content. You can also play around with the placement and formats. You can change the pattern of the image by choosing among the following options - Bordered, Strechted, with the background.

4. Unsplash - Search for any image on Unsplash and see it get pasted automatically on the editor without any effort.

5. Link - Add a link from any third-party platform and see its preview on the post.

6. Quote - because why not, if it highlights a piece where you want your readers’ attention?

7. List - These are the options that you will get in the Lists widget:


  1. Sonnets

  2. Monologues

  3. Dialogues


  • Sonnets

  • Monologues

  • Dialogues

Nested lists;


  1. Drama.

    1. Romeo and Juliet.

  2. Novels

    1. Pride and Prejudice

  3. Poems

    1. Daffodils


  • Drama.

    • Romeo and Juliet.

  • Novels

    • Pride and Prejudice

  • Poems

    • Daffodils

8. Table - it can be one of the most important components of your content; our editor gives you a premade outline of a table that can be used, with or without headings.

9. Button - with our editor comes a button that you can paste to increase your subscribers or to see how many readers are liking your content.

10. Checklist - it is pretty cool to have a list where you can tick mark your tasks or the features you’ve added to your content, so our editor gives you just that.

11. Divider - You can divide several sections of your content with the delimiter option of our editor.

12. Codeflask - our editor doesn’t limit itself to writers but expands around coders too. That’s why it can analyze the code and help coders write codes by choosing this particular option.

13. File - Upload any file but remember that the maximum size is below 5MB.

14. Raw HTML

15. Warning

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