Add categories to your posts

TypeStack gives you the option to categorize your blogs into different categories. Also, you can name the categories whatever you want, including other features.

Here’s how:

1. Login to your TypeStack account.

2. Go to Posts and look for Categories on the top navigation bar

3. Click on the categories.

4. Click on the Add category

  • A sidebar with the following fields will be opened:

> Name of the category

> Description of the category

> Slug (unique URL that will be created for the category)

> Save it by clicking on the save button at the top right corner

You can also edit the existing category by clicking on the edit icon next to the name of the category. This will open the same sidebar where you can edit the text fields.

These categories will be visible on the categories page. The toggle switch next to the category title will help you add the blogs related to that particular category to be added to the blog homepage.

[Note: You can add up to 5 categories, to add more, you need to delete the previous ones]

By clicking on the Linked posts next to the name of the category, you will be directed to the blog posts section that will show blogs in that category.

You can assign a category to the post that you writing from the editor settings inside the editor. If a category already exists, it will be shown in the dropdown. If not, you can create a new category then and there.

Remember, you cannot add multiple categories to one post.

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