Write, publish & share your first post

You’ve signed up on TypeStack, but don’t know how to start writing? Follow the below steps, and you’ll be good to go.

After signing in to TypeStack, you will land on your dashboard.

There are two ways to write on TypeStack:

1. You can click on Create in the top right corner where you can either choose to create a post or a page.

You will directly land on the editor where you can write your post by using all the widgets in the editor.

You can know more about how to use the editor in this post.

How does TypeStack's editor work?

2. You can directly open the editor and start writing without any distractions.

Head over to type. new and write your posts without any distractions.

Publish & Preview

After writing your content in the editor you can publish and preview it before or after publishing it.

You can either publish it immediately or schedule it.

To schedule the post, click on the "Settings" icon in the editor.

Under Publish, select the Schedule option, along with the date and time at which you want to publish the post.

All your posts, drafts, published, scheduled, and unpublished, are visible in the Posts section.

You can preview the post directly or edit it by clicking on the options given.


You can click on the share icon and directly share the post on your social media platforms or copy the link.


You can delete any post permanently by either clicking on the three dots in the posts section, or going to the editor of that post and clicking on the editor settings where you will find a delete option at the end.

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